Accessorize Extreme

We all like to get outdoors for a reason, whether you like camping, kayaking, or mountain biking. We offer a range of accessories to make it easier to get out there and do what you love.

Graphics & Paint

The CW-19 comes standard with painted steel components, and unfinished aluminum components. For an additional price we can paint or powder coat it however you like. We also offer vinyl graphics. We can do plotter cut decals very economically, or full color graphics for those looking for a more eye catching unit.

The graphics can be used to identify the trailer with your sport, or organization, and use the trailer as a rolling advertisement. Our graphics people can help you create just the right look.

Tongue Shelf

It doesn't matter how big it is inside, there are always things you want outside. That's why it has a great storage area on top. But propane tanks and generators are heavy, so storing them down low makes good sense. We sell a 4 square foot aluminum platform that goes on the front which is big enough to hold a small generator, or two propane tanks. It is about 37" wide and 24" long. It's cut with holes and slots to provide convenient tie down locations.

Under Chassis Water Container Compartments

Water is heavy, so it makes sense to carry it as low to the ground as possible. That way you don't have to lift it as far, and it keeps the trailer more stable. With that in mind we designed rugged compartments which can be attached under the main frame to hold water containers.

Kitchen Organizer Pouches

These can be very handy. A canvas sheet with pouches stretches between two vertical poles above the fold out shelves. This puts all your utensils right in reach and plain view while you're cooking. When it's time to go you just roll the whole thing up, keeping everything in place for next time.

Cup holders

A cup holder which holds your typical disposable cups securely up side down so they don't fill up with dust, dirt or bugs. A nice clean cup whenever you want it.

Shower Stall

Many campgrounds have shower facilities, but in most cases you are not so lucky. That's why we offer an enclosed shower stall. It's great for camping, or cleaning up after your favorite outdoor activities.

Bike Racks

Bike Rack for two bikes - Holds two adult bikes off the back (Requires optional receiver hitch)

Rack for four bikes - Holds four adult bikes off the back (Requires optional hitch)

Kayak Rack

Securely holds two adult Kayaks. Requires the optional rear hitch, and tongue extender accessories.

Lantern Hook

Most people put their lanterns on the table or hang them from a tree. If they're on the table you're staring right into them, and they take up space. If they're on a tree they're too far away, and could pose a fire hazard. So we make a simple hook that attaches to your Tow Sport and holds your lanterns up off the table for optimal illumination without undue risk.

Rear Receiver Hitch

A trailer hitch on your trailer? Sure! The primary reason for putting a Class-1 trailer receiver hitch on the back of your tow sport isn't actually for towing another trailer, it's for mounting accessories such as our boat and bike racks. That said, you can tow another trailer if you like. But be warned, it's best left to advanced trailer operators. Backing two trailers with any accuracy is pretty much impossible so plan ahead.

Tongue Extender

If you plan to haul things like canoes, kayaks or other longer items you will probably want the Tongue Extender which will put more distance between your vehicle and the trailer.

In Development:

  • ATV / UTV Wheel & Tire adapters
  • Canoe Rack
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Rack
  • Secure Gun Case
  • Fishing Pole Case
  • Toilet Stall
  • Area Lighting Kit

Available for beta testing.

Tow Sport trailers are not yet available to the public. Contact us for future dealer opportunities.