Do you really want some giant trailer consuming your driveway, yard or garage?

We've all seen that house with the trailer permanently parked on the driveway or occupying the entire garage.

One of the worst problems with big trailers is you have to put them somewhere when you're not using them.. A typical entry-level pop-up trailer takes up about 125 square feet (conservatively) when it's all packed up. That's just a result of how they're designed and built.

But the CW-19 is developed from an entirely different viewpoint. Even when stuffed with gear the CW-19 can be stored in a space as small as 17 square feet.

The CW-19 has 19 cubic feet of internal storage. That's about 7 medium size moving boxes. That way you can store your gear inside securely, freeing up room around the house. There's also an 11 square foot cargo area on top which can hold even more stuff.

Stores Upright

If you're a little tight on space you can tip your CW-19 up onto the wheels on it's back end to store it. It takes more effort to tilt it up, but it takes up a third less space this way. In this orientation the CW-19 takes up less than 17 square feet.

The back end wheels allow you to maneuvered your CW-19 around in tight spaces.

Stores Flat

If you have enough space, this is probably the way you'll store your CW-19. This way it's ready to go whenever you are, and you can store even more stuff because you can leave items in the cargo area on top.

In this orientation the CW-19 takes up less than 25 square feet. That's still much less than the 125 square feet of a typical entry level pop-up camper.

Tow Sport trailers are not yet available to the public. Contact us for future dealer opportunities.