Trailers made to last...... and last.

Some trailers are poorly made from inferior materials. But Tow Sport trailers are made in America out of metal, not plastic, and not plywood.

Made in America

All Tow Sport Trailers are made in our 33,000 square foot plant in Prescott Arizona. Because we own our own factory which is outfitted with all of the computer controlled equipment we need, we can form parts in minutes that would take other low-volume trailer manufacturers hours, and we can do it with a higher degree of precision.

We didn't think you'd read this far down about being made in America. So, since you're clearly a patriot, here's another advantage of being made in America, you can pick yours up at the factory if you want, but don't go telling everyone. If you arrange it in advance you can come pick your Tow Sport up at our factory and be camping in the Grand Canyon around two hours later. We can even fill it with all the equipment you'll need if you like.

Made From Durable Materials


The frame, fittings, and load bearing brackets of Tow Sport trailers are made of Steel. Why? Because steel is strong. It's also resilient, so as you go down the road and hit bumps it doesn't fatigue and crack easily.


The main panels Tow Sport trailers are made thick of aircraft grade aluminum. This saves a lot of weight. CW-19 weighs less than two average adults, just 347lbs (without your stuff in it of course.)

On the main compartment the panels are double thick at the vertical corners. The folding top has triangular openings which reduce weight without compromising on strength. It happens to look good too.

Because we saved so much weight without sacrificing strength the CW-19 is rated to hold 2.6x it's own weight in cargo, a whopping 900lbs.

3 Year Warranty

Every Tow Sport Trailer comes with a 3 year limited warranty on every component except the tires (for obvious reasons.) The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and failures with normal trailer use.

All accessories are covered by their own individual warranty. If a few years after you buy your trailer, you add a rack, that rack will be covered under it's own warranty.

Regardless of warranty status, we sell replacements for every component.

Tow Sport trailers are not yet available to the public. Contact us for future dealer opportunities.