Did you know towing a trailer can be easier than carrying your stuff in a car?

When you think of towing a trailer do you worry about being unable to stop, wind gusts blowing you out of your lane and accidentally backing into things? What about hooking it up wrong and having it fall off?

Now you probably didn't expect to hear this from a company that makes trailers, but those are common concerns people have with trailers.

Not All Trailers Are The Same

That’s why we put so much effort into making the CW-19 as lightweight, and compact as possible.

The CW-19 is made mostly of lightweight (but strong) aircraft grade aluminum, so it only weighs 347lbs. That’s less than the weight of two average adults. That way it won’t bully you around on the road.

We also designed it to be low to the ground to increase stability, but still have enough ground clearance to tackle those rugged trails. The low overall height gives it a smaller cross section, which reduces the impact of crosswinds. Many other small camping trailers have double or triple the side surface area of an CW-19.

It’s only 50” wide at its widest point when stowed for towing. That means it’s easier to make tight turns and won’t stick out past the width of your car creating excessive gas-guzzling drag and noise.

What You Need To Towing Your Tow Sport

You'll need an SAE Class-1 hitch, that's the most entry level kind, so they're pretty cheap. You'll need a 1 – ⅞ inch ball, which it'll probably have anyways, but be sure to check.

You will also need a trailer light electrical harness installed. This is usually done by the folks who do the hitch. It's what allows your trailer lights to operate.

Most places that rent or sell trailers should be able to help you with the installation.

Videos on Towing a Trailer

We didn't make these videos, and can't vouch for their accuracy or the suitability of the information provided in them, particularly in relation to Tow Sport trailers and your particular vehicle. However we hope they might be helpful to you. Remember you must consult all of the documentation for your trailer, hitch, vehicle, and wiring harness, as well as all applicable laws and regulations before you tow anything. Be sure you're comfortable towing before beginning any trip. Improperly connecting or towing a trailer can result in property damage, serious injury, and death.

Tow Sport trailers are not yet available to the public. Contact us for future dealer opportunities.