The “We Should go Camping More Often” Trailer

Imagine being able to decide you want to go camping this weekend, and being on your way in 20 Minutes, with no hassles getting ready or setting up when you arrive?

Do you have fond memories of going camping? The smell of the fire, the fresh air, and just really getting away from it all?

But there’s a problem. Going camping is a hassle, it requires too much planning, preparation and effort to do it as much as you’d like. You have to decide what to pack, jigsaw it all into your vehicle like it’s Tetris, drive there with the back end of your car dragging on the ground, and then when you get there, you have to unpack it all.

Once you’re all unpacked and set up it’s not that easy. Cooking is a hassle, so much so that some people just end up eating nothing but snack bars and trail mix the whole time. You’re stuck wherever they’ve chained down the table, if there even is one. And if you want to leave your campsite all your stuff ends up sitting out unprotected wide open to wildlife and thieves… that is, the stuff you remembered to bring, or didn’t have to leave at home because it didn’t fit.

You could buy a tent trailer or a fifth‑wheel… but that’s not real camping.

Tent trailers aren’t good tents, and they’re not great trailers. They’re really expensive, and they’re big, and heavy which makes them hard to tow, and a nightmare to maneuver. When you’re not using them they take up half your back yard.

Then you’re stuck putting it wherever you can back it up, which might not be down near the lake you came to be at in the first place, or by the fire pit &emdash; or wherever it is you want to be. If it has a kitchen inside then all the smoke and smell end up permeating it forever… or at least until it gets infested with mold and falls apart… which will be soon, because most of them are badly made, out of bad materials.

And you’re not really outdoors… you’re in a hotel room… a tiny, uncomfortable, stinky one… on wheels. That’s not camping.

Never mind that you probably already own a tent, and bedding and other stuff. We did, and we didn’t like those trailers, so we set to work to solve this problem for ourselves… and everyone else that really loves the outdoors.

After years of development, testing, and refining the manufacturing process we now present to you:

The best thing to happen to camping since rip-stop nylon.

We’re avid campers, and we use the our the Tow Sport CW-19 ourselves all the time, so we needed it to address all of our camping needs, and yours.

The CW-19 lets you pick up and go camping on a whim. It stores all your camping gear inside, that way all your stuff is packed and ready to go whenever you feel like getting away.

It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to toss your clothes in a bag, stick some food in a cooler, and hook it up to your car and then you’re on your way. We like to get the ice on the way out of town for extra time savings.

When you arrive the CW-19 can be maneuvered around the campsite by hand to put it anywhere you want it, rather than having to try and slot it in somewhere while backing up your vehicle.

Then you can use the optional quick-set leveling legs at each corner so that it’s stable and won’t rock or bounce around like other trailers. We’re not sure about you, but we’ve never liked the idea of wobbling mixed with lanterns and stoves.

Then, the magic begins…

Next you unfold the split top, which creates two 7 square foot counters off the sides. The under slung shelves drop down creating two covered 7sqf spaces for storing things like plates and utensils. Next you slide the 13sqf top forward which creates a nice big table and which gives you easy access to the 19 cubic feet of internal storage.

You can then set up any of the many accessories like the canvas organizers, garbage bag holder, lantern hook, or many more. The accessories really make the CW-19 special, be sure to check them out.

That’s 27 square feet of easy to clean, stable, stove-safe work space, twice as much as the picnic table in most campsites, which you can now actually eat at because it won’t be covered in kitchen stuff.

When you want to leave your campsite and go on a hike or a bike ride you can toss your valuables inside, slide the top closed and secure it with the integrated lock.

Tows easier, Stores Better

The CW-19 tows and backs up easier, and stores better because it’s a fraction the size and weight of alternatives.

It only weighs as much as two average adults, half of most small trailers. When it’s packed up it’s a quarter the size of most tent trailers, and yet it still holds all your stuff and can be wheeled around by hand. You don’t need an SUV or a truck to tow it, we even tow them with our ATVs.

Unlike a tent trailer that folds in on itself and only has enough room for a can of coffee and a deck of cards inside when packed up, the CW-19 actually has more storage space when it’s folded up than when it’s expanded. That way you can store all your camping gear in the CW-19 instead of squirreling it away in a dozen locations around your house. You get some storage space back, and you get to go camping more.

Oh… and did we mention it can be store upright on the back end so you can tuck it away in a corner in your garage and still park in there? Stored upright it only needs 55 x 44" of floor space, that’s less than 17 square feet.

Towing and storage »

Camping memories last, and so should your gear.

We really hate cheap plastic junk, and the fiberglass covered plywood panels trailers are often made of are even worse, (ever heard of toxic off-gassing?)

So we make our trailers in our own factory in Prescott Arizona… out of metal. The frame and other load bearing components (such as brackets and fittings) are made of steel for strength. The rest is aircraft grade aluminum, which not only saves hundreds of pounds it looks great. But if you’re not a fan of bare aluminum, we also offer full color printed wraps.

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Tow Sport trailers are not yet available to the public. Contact us for future dealer opportunities.