Outdoors Better.

Do you like getting outdoors? So do we. But we didn't like all the hassle, so we build the CW-19, the perfect little trailer that makes it so much faster and easier, so you can get out more. Your trips won't require half a day of packing and unpacking, soaking wet gear, and cooking in camp might just be better than home.
Life is good, outdoors.

Easy to Tow
Easy to Store

Tow Sport trailers are easy to move around by hand, and tow with almost any vehicle, even compact cars and UTVs.

You can tow it with confidence even on hills and gravel because the clever design, and extensive use of aluminum means it only weighs about 347lbs. That's less than two average adults, and as much as 40% less than many similar sized trailers.

It also stores upright on it's back end with wheels. That way it takes up less room, and is easier to move around.

Towing and storage »


We've designed our trailers without assumptions about how you go outdoors so you can configure it to support your activities any way you want.

The base model is seriously handy, there's no doubt about it. But you can make it perfect for you with accessories to set it up for anything. We have accessories for cooking, camping, boating, fishing, sports, and more.

Customizing yours »

Rugged &
Well Made

You won't find any plastic fittings, flimsy fiberglass panels, or any other kinds of shortcuts in construction.

We use steel for the major load bearing components, and good thick aluminum for everything else.

It's a well designed product that can be repaired with common household hand tools. All the parts except the tires are covered by our three year warranty, and they can all be purchased individually.

Quality construction »


At just $2,995 for a complete trailer it's hard to believe we're serious.

We have 36 years of manufacturing experience and our trailers are made in our 33,000 square foot shop in Prescott Arizona. We have highly skilled staff and specialized CNC equipment to make parts in minutes that take other companies hours to make.

Affordability »

Tow Sport trailers are not yet available to the public. Contact us for future dealer opportunities.